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Terms & Conditions

Our products are supplied and abide by the following Terms and Conditions. By using this website, the User agrees with these Terms and Conditions.

» 1. Holdership
» 2. Privacy
» 3. Subject Matter and Scope
» 4. Customer's Obligations
» 5. Liabilities
» 6. Making an Online Order
» 7. Prices and Taxes
» 8. Payment Methods
» 9. Delivery and Returns
» 10. © Copyright and TradeMark
» 11. Applicable Legislation


1. Holdership

ArtPainting4You.eu® website is property and run by:

Oxan - Imagem e Soluções Digitais, Lda.
Rua das Pereiras Lote 93
2910-263 Setúbal PORTUGAL
VAT Number: PT506661466
site: https://artpainting4you.eu

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2. Privacy

» Click here to know more about our "Privacy Policy"...

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3. Subject Matter and Scope

Navigation on the website as well as any product purchased on www.artpainting4you.eu means that the Customer/User accepts the Terms and Conditions.
We reserve the right to execute, at any moment, any modification to our website and Terms and Conditions, without previous warning. Any modifications to these will be published on www.artpainting4you.eu
We also reserve the right to refuse providing any service, terminate accounts, remove or edit the content or even cancel orders according to our better judgement.

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4. Customer's Obligations

The Customer/User must respect and abide by the following rules:

  • To keep your account and password private in order to prevent third parties from accessing your ArtPainting4You.eu account; you agree in taking responsibility in all activities that might occur with your account or password.
  • Not using a fake identity as well as a fake email.
  • Personal data and addresses must be accurate so that we can process your orders correctly.
  • The Customer is responsible for the truth in all data reported to ArtPainting4You.eu and promises to insert any modification in his/her account.

ArtPainting4You.eu® refuses any responsibility in a possible delay or impossibility to process an order, mainly the delivery act, due to errors or lack of information communicated by the Customer.

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5. Liabilities

All sold products in ArtPainting4You.eu® are in agreement with Portuguese and European legislation.
ArtPainting4You.eu® declines any responsibility in case of a legislation violation in a country where the order is delivered.
For countries outside the European Union, it is of Customer responsibility to verify with local authorities the existence of any customs taxes.
ArtPainting4You.eu® is not responsible for damage caused by interferences, interruptions, computer virus, malfunctions or disconnections in the operating system that might temporarily prevent the access, navigation or supply of services for Users.

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6. Making an Online Order

To make any purchase on our website www.artpainting4you.eu you need to register as a Customer by filling the form available online.
Registering to our website means using an email and password (to be chosen by the Customer). This data should be personal and not disclosed in places of easy access. After registering, you just need to add all the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart". You should follow all steps so that your order is done with success.
The validation of your order shows that the Customer is self aware and accepts the Terms and Conditions of www.artpainting4you.eu. All registered data serves as evidence of executed transactions between ArtPainting4You.eu® and the Customer.
As soon as you finish your order, you'll get an email to confirm the purchase. Any changes or corrections to the order should be forwarded to us as soon as possible to the email .

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7. Prices and Taxes

All the prices include VAT related to the legal value.

Following the actual legislation, prices are SUBJECTED to VAT:

  • Orders to Portugal (companies and final consumers).
  • Orders to final consumers within the EU.

According to the actual legislation, prices are NOT SUBJECTED to VAT:

  • Orders outside the EU (companies and final consumers).
  • All orders to resident companies in the European Union (with the exception of Portugal), as long as they provide proof of VAT Number, valid in an EU country. For such companies, it is mandatory to send via email a copy of the valid Tax Identification Number in order not to pay VAT. This must be done before make the payment of the order.

The validation of the Tax Identification Number is done through VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) enquiries.
The product prices from our website do not include postage costs.
Any modification to the prices on the website can be executed without prior notice.

International Prices:

For international Customers that live outside the European Union prices can be seen in your local currency (daily updated exchange-rate). The currency used for payment is Euro.

If you wish, you can even change the currency and language. For that, please choose among the options in the upper right corner of the website.

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8. Payment Methods

Paypal (Credit/Debit Card)
Secure Payments. Faster Checkouts.
PayPal is the most used online wallet in the world, with over 184 million active users. It can be used as a payment method in 202 countries.
Customers connect their credit card or bank account to their PayPal account, or add credit to their account. The customer logs in and authorises the payment with just their e-mail address and PayPal password. No further personal and financial details need to be shared with the website, which makes PayPal very safe.
For further information visit the web site https://www.paypal.com

Credit/Debit Card - Visa, Mastercard, American Express
The most widely used online payment method in the world.
Credit cards are the most widely used online payment method in the world. Customers receive a line of credit and pay back the amount they spent in one go, generally at the end of the month. Many of the world’s leading credit card brands give customers a sense of security and most of them offer extensive buyer’s protection and insurances, which results in more conversions for merchants.

Wire Transfer (Only European countries)
If you choose to pay with Wire Transfer, you'll be getting a confirmation email with the bank account to which you should make the transfer. It is extremely important that you indicate the number of the order, as well as your first name and last name. Also, you must attach evidence of the wire transfer to . The wire transfer should be received within 10 business days after the order email.
In case you're making a transfer outside the EU, please pay in Euros. Any charges related to exchange-rates should be supported by the Customer.
Your order will be processed after payment is successfully received.

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9. Delivery and Returns

All orders are well packaged, protected and sent in quality mail cardboard tubes, assuring that they arrive to you in perfect condition. The mail tubes are identified with our brand ArtPainting4You.eu®


Cost: €6,95 - €9,95
Delivery: Up to 7-10 business days after payment confirmation.

Rest of the World:

Cost: €29,95
Delivery: Up to 15-20 business days after payment confirmation.

Shipping and Delivery – Monday to Friday

After successfully getting the payment, we'll start immediately to work on your request. For this reason, please do make sure all personal data and details regarding your order are correct. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at or use our contact form. Your order shall be sent through the Carrier Company; we'll also send the "Tracking Number" by email so that you can follow your order.
In case no one is at the provided address, the carrier company will leave a warning to arrange a new schedule, or for you to pick it up at your local post office.
If an order is returned to ArtPainting4You.eu® because it wasn't picked up at the local post station in due time, or due to a lack of data or an error in the delivery address, we will send the order back to the costumer. In this case, the respective delivery charges are on the customer.
ArtPainting4You.eu® refuses any responsibility in a possible delay or impossibility to process an order, mainly the delivery act, due to errors or lack of information communicated by the Customer.

Our mission is to provide our Customers products of the highest quality, manufactured from top-end materials. We wish for you to be 100% satisfied and have a positive experience with our company.
All products presented in www.artpainting4you.eu are manufactured immediately after payment confirmation. Moreover, items are done according to Customer's instructions (size, colour, and so on.). Thus, and according to Legislative Decree nº 143/2001 of April the 26th, it is only possible to cancel your request if manufacture hasn't started yet. Payment will be refunded minus bank fees and €5 for processing costs.

You may return an item in the following situations:
If you get your item and the outer case (cardboard tube) is damaged as a result of transportation and you think there might be damages inside, please do check the item before you sign anything. If the product is damaged, return the package to the Carrier Company and send us an email within 48 hours to reporting the issue. After we get the damaged product, we'll send you a new item.

If you do get a different item from the one you requested, please send it back. No additional costs to you. However, before you do, please contact us to reporting the situation.
The return shall be addressed to ArtPainting4You.eu® within 7 business days (max), from the day you first got your package. A new item will be sent after we receive your return in our headquarters.
Please keep in mind that the package and the product must be in perfect condition and with all the original content.

Force Majeure Case
We are fully committed to assure that your order arrives in time with no delays, however, in rare occasions and due to factors we are unaware of, delays might occur for which we can not be held responsible caused by circumstances out of our control. (eg. holidays, strikes, customs, or from the responsibility of the carrier company). Anyway, in any case you'll never be harmed, because we will send your order again at our cost in case your package was lost or damaged.

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10. © Copyright and TradeMark

ArtPainting4You® is a trademark of Oxan, Lda.
All content on the website ArtPainting4You.eu® is propriety of Oxan, Lda. (referred to hereafter as Oxan) and is protected by Portuguese Law, International copyright and intellectual property.

It is strictly forbidden to copy or reproduce any part of this website www.artpainting4you.eu

Trademark and logo, graphics, images, products descriptions, headlines, layout, icons, scripts or any other content on the website, is our own property. Our Trademark and copyrights can not be used for any means (commercial or not) without prior authorisation from Oxan.
Any other trademarks and brands that don't belong to Oxan, are propriety of its owners.

The Customer/User may use content from the ArtPainting4You.eu® website for personal shopping or information. Any copy, reproduction or duplication for any means is strictly forbidden.
The purchase of any product does not grant you any participation in the copyright as well as intellectual property contained in the product.

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11. Applicable Legislation

All purchases made within the website are under Portuguese law. Any conflict or divergence regarding the "Terms and Conditions" can and will undertake to the Portuguese Courthouse in Lisbon. The English version is the one that shall prevail under any dispute that might occur between the Customer/User and our company regarding the use of www.artpainting4you.eu.

Modification to our "Terms and Conditions"
If we do change our "Terms and Conditions", we'll publish a new version online, which will take effect immediately. The new policy will be valid for all new and old Customers/Users and will replace any of the previous policies that are inconsistent. At the bottom of the document, one will see the date of the update.

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This document was updated on 14 April 2016.